Support Bellingham Sings

3 Ways to Support Bellingham Sings

The arts have struggled in recent years due to the substantial loss of public funding. However, one type of arts organization continues to grow and thrive despite budget cuts: volunteer groups, where trained artists are driven by the love of their craft, not financial gain. Although these artists have refused to put a price tag on what they create, their groups still need support.

The Bellingham Sings Choral Community is one of these organizations that prioritizes artistry over economy. Our all-volunteer ensemble continually strives to advance ongoing choral and musical creativity by bringing our performances to smaller venues around our neighboring communities, and providing scholarships to musicians who otherwise could not afford to participate.

Bellingham Sings firmly believes that a society’s art should reflect its richness, not its riches. Please invest in Bellingham Sings and the future of choral music in your community by making a gift – of any size – today.

1.) Come Sing With Us!

Audition to sing with either Whatcom Sound Jazz Singers, or Allegra Women’s Ensemble. We typically have auditions at the beginning of each season, but we would still love to hear from you anytime if you are interested in singing. Contact us for information or to schedule an audition.

2.) Come Hear Us Sing

There is nothing we would love more than to see you and your friends at Allegra or Whatcom Sound Jazz Singers performances! Our audience is growing in direct relation to our fans’ enthusiasm and encouragement! View our upcoming events and add yourself and your friends to our mailing list to be the first to know about upcoming concerts and events. (see signup at right)

3.) Your Time and Expertise is Needed

There are many ways your talents and skills can help Bellingham Sings. We have opportunities ranging from bookkeeping to ushering, and more! We are particularly in need of people experienced with publicity, fundraising, and bookkeeping. Please contact us if you would like more information.